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When it comes to the amount of water that we should drink every day, there are different opinions. From 1.5 liters to 3 liters per day is recommended from different sides. The fact is that we excrete a lot of water through the skin at night and this need has to be met again. But now the question arises:

Why is revitalised water so important?

  • Your immune system is permanently strengthened
  • The effect surpasses any power drink and is also healthy
  • Recharges your batteries with living water
  • Your metabolism is stimulated
  • Pollutants are optimally transported out of your body
  • Your body begins to detoxify with vitalised water
  • You improve your performance through better bioavailability
  • Minerals can be absorbed better
  • Taste the difference

ZISANO Aqua Vivas BOTELO is ideal for water and smoothies. But any other drinkable liquid can also be enlivened with the bottle and the attached Aqua Vivas chip with a hexagonal sign. In this way, any liquid is brought into its natural order and is therefore available to the cell. Read all important information about hexagonal water under Aqua Vivas Chip.


Dishwasher safe, but hand washing is recommended due to the adhesive effect of the Aqua Vivas Chip.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions: 230x65mm

550ml content

Good to know:

From an order quantity of 50 pieces, we can have your company logo, club logo or your individual logo printed on the covers. This is ideal for company gifts, gifts for children in clubs, a sense of togetherness within teams, etc. Write to us at: - customer gifts


Based on an interesting expertise, we were able to show the effects of our Zisano Aqua Vivas water on the human metabolism. With a scientifically based measurement method from the company e-scan diagnostic eK, the metabolism professionals were able to demonstrate a natural regulation of the metabolism.

Subject of the expertise: Test person: female / 57 years / 174 cm tall / weight: 83.5 kg
Task: 2.00 liters a day - drink water
Period: 1 month
Framework conditions: same eating behavior / same breakfast before the measurement / coincidentally similarly high physical and mental stress on the organism

Metabolism profile before the test phase:

Result after the test phase:

100% regulated metabolism despite very high metabolic performance / sugar and fat burning in an ideal ratio / overacidification in the normal range / very good oxygen absorption / no more hair loss / 1.5 kg lost

Breathing gas measuring device:

ZISANO Aqua Vivas BOTELO for water harmonisation - with chip

    • has already incorporated our Aqua Vivas chip with a hexagonal sign
    • consists of borosilicate glass, is handmade and contains no heavy metals
    • has a capacity of 550 ml
    • is encased in a foam cover - available in three trendy colors (blue, green and pink)
    • has been tested by energy doctors
    • is ideal for water, tea, smoothies and other liquid, drinkable content

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