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50 years of beekeeping

Hi, my name is Mareike Jakél.

My grandfather founded our beekeeping in Germany in the 1970s. Bees, honey, nature and the potential of a natural ecosystem have always been an integral part of my life. My family managed up to 95 bee colonies themselves and "harvested" the beehive products.


Nature has given us all many possibilities for healing and prevention. Products from the beehive provide important impulses:



An incredible potential that I would like to bring closer you. Support the bees. Without bees there will be no more life on earth.

On my page I will introduce you to a wide variety of natural products for health and beauty and explain in my blog which incredible possibilities they offer you.

All the best

Mareike Jakél 

In the third generation. 

For the good of nature and the bees. 

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The bee

One of the most important creatures on our planet. 

That's me

Start practicing early! 

We have beekeeper together in our garden. 


Our garden and the meadows were always full of bees, flowers and bushes.


Our beekeeping was founded by my grandfather Bernhard Jakel Senior in the 1970s.


As a professional beekeeping, our family has gained a lot of experience in managing bees over the past 50 years. Nature and beekeeping were a huge party of my childhood. We always had the intention to promote and support nature through beekeeping. Next to professional beekeeping, my grandfather also has founded a locksmith or metal tool building, where my family focused on the manufacture of tools specialised in beekeeping needs.

We have been selling our products worldwide at trade fairs and in our shop for many years. Since my grandfather was also an inventor, we developed special tools for beekeeping, which we patented.

My family has farmed up to 95 bee colonies in our garden or on specially created plots of land. 

Bernhard Jakel Senior was the second chairman of the Baden Beekeepers' Association and guild master for metal tool making for around 30 years. As a child, I accompanied my family to trade fairs where my father and grandfather gave presentations and lectures on apitherapy. My father, Bernard Jakel Junior, is the second generation to run our family business.


Our family tradition is now being continued by me - Mareike Jakél. In my own shop "THE QUEEN BEE", I would like to make beekeeping particularly attractive for young people and draw attention to the importance of preserving bees and promoting nature.


Since 1990, we have been working closely together with the apitherapy specialist Dr. Stefan Stangaciu. Dr. Stefan Stangaciu is President of the German and Romanian Apitherapy Society and General Secretary of the International Federation of Apitherapy.


My goal is to show you the strength of nature and to inspire you to beekeeping.



Bernhard Jakel Senior 

founded Jakel Beekeeping in the 1970s.

My grandfather strongly supported the preservation of bees and plants, as well as a healthy Ecosystem. 


Bernhard Jakel Senior was tue second chairmen of the national association Baden Beekeeper for around 30 years.

He has given numerous lectures and conducted seminars and courses for new beekeepers.

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