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Zinc hair power with biotin and provitamin A


Among other things, biotin is important for healthy skin and nails. It prevents hair loss and ensures healthy hair growth.


Zinc is important for:


  • immune system
  • wound healing
  • skin
  • hair


Our metabolism does not work without zinc. If zinc is deficient, the following symptoms can occur: brittle nails, herpes or an unfulfilled desire to have children - a lack of zinc can be the reason.


Beta carotene is the precursor of vitamin A and is therefore also called provitamin A. In the case of a deficiency, the following symptoms can occur: increased susceptibility to infection, dryness of the skin, night blindness, reduced visual acuity and increased sensitivity to light.

It is therefore important to take sufficient amounts of vitamin A.


Zink Hair Power supports your body functions!

The hair power formula for beautiful, healthy and hard-wearing hair, nails and skin.

Contains 1 dragee


  • 5 mg zinc,
  • 3 mg beta carotene,
  • 180µg biotin

Package, content: 60 coated tablets


Nutritional supplement

Zinc hair power with biotin and provitamin A for healthy skin and nails

€12.00 Regular Price
€10.80Sale Price
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