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Selenium and zinc - essential trace elements for metabolism and resistance.


Selenium and zinc support the organism from cell damage by radicals. Also supports the male body in sperm production and can increase male fertility.


Zinc is important for:


  • immune system
  • wound healing
  • skin
  • hair


Our metabolism does not work without zinc. If zinc is deficient, the following symptoms can occur: brittle nails, herpes or an unfulfilled desire to have children - a lack of zinc can be the reason.


Selenium is important for:


  • vital trace element that all cells in the body need
  • supports the normal function of the immune system
  • protection of cells from oxidative stress
  • healthy hair and nails
  • supports the formation of sperm


Selenium is a vital trace element. As a component of enzymes with an antioxidative effect, selenium is important, among other things, for protecting the organism against cell damage by radicals. Other selenium-dependent enzymes regulate the thyroid hormone balance or are a building block of sperm and are therefore essential for male fertility.



Contains 1 capsule

  • 30µg selenium,
  • 5 mg zinc

Package, content: 40 capsules


Nutritional supplement

Selenium and zinc for metabolism, resistance, potency, nails and hair

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€11.70Sale Price
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