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Apivitalroyale-Plus Gelee-Royal & Propolis vitalises and hardens your body from the inside. Strengthens the immune system with rich active ingredients. For freshness and health.


Supplementary supply of the metabolism with nutrients such as vitamins or minerals. The drinking ampoules contain them in a concentrated and dosed form.

You can find more information on our blog (see product information).

Ingredients per ampoule:


  • 600 mg royal jelly,
  • 400 mg wheat germ extract,
  • 250 mg flower pollen extract,
  • 100 mg elderberry concentrate,
  • 100 mg lecithin,
  • honey wine aperitif 17% vol.

Package contains 20 bottles of 10 ml each


Nutritional supplement

Men royal jelly & propolis drinking ampoules

€28.00 Regular Price
€26.32Sale Price
  • Read more on the active ingredients and composition of royal jelly, propolis and all other bee products in our blog.

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