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Api special elixir with propolis, royal jelly and pollen.

Refreshing and vitalising. Drink yourself healthy.

Ingredients per drinking ampoule:


  • Bee pollen extract 1,400 mg,
  • Royal jelly 400 mg,
  • Wheat germ extract 350 mg,
  • Fruit concentrate 225 mg,
  • Propolis extract 100 mg,
  • nat. Vitamin C 30 mg,
  • nat. Vitamin E 5 mg,
  • 17.5% vol

Package contains 20 drinking ampoules of 10 ml


Nutritional supplement

Propolis, royal jelly and bee pollen drinking ampoules

  • Read more on the active ingredients and composition of propolis , royal jelly, bee pollen and all other bee products in our blog.

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