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The Aqua Vivas Chip is a round sticker with a hexagonal sign in which an informed silicon crystal is cast. This crystal causes any liquid to be regenerated and made alive.


Our body consists of around 75% water. Every day we excrete over 2.5 liters through urine, stool, skin and breathing alone. This needs to be replenished and therefore at least 1.5 liters of water should be drunk per day.

It is known that many chronic diseases result from an overly acidic body. Unfortunately, nowadays our bodies tend to become acidic on their own. This is due to our bad eating habits, our lifestyle and the natural aging process. However, food intake can be significantly improved by drinking water regularly.


In its original form, water is alive and serves as an information carrier. Its natural energy state and the subtle vibrations are clockwise. From the mountain spring over the long way through water pipes and chemical treatments, these natural structures are lost and only "dead" water comes out of our tap, without any structure (it is also described as counterclockwise) .1

In order to restore this natural structure and to turn the left-turning water back into right-turning water, this sign was also incorporated into the sticker with the silicon chip.

Hexagon comes from the Greek and is made up of "hexa" (six) and "gonia" (corner).

What can our hexagonal water do?

It is important to know beforehand:

Healthy cells in our DNA are always surrounded by structured, hexagonal water, while unhealthy cells are surrounded by water with a broken structure. This has been proven by various studies. If one were to replace destroyed cell water with hexagonal, structured water, the original state of the cells could be restored and the cell healing process advanced. ²

Hexagonal water can be made in a number of ways. Also with semi-precious stones that are placed in a vessel with water. Basically not a bad idea, but usually the vibrations are not high enough to reach the cell via the gastrointestinal tract. With the Aqua Vivas Chip, every liquid reaches such a high level of energy that the positive vibrations reach the cell and the toxins can be flushed out. The body immediately begins the detoxification process and after a short time the metabolism is working again at an optimal level. This strengthens the entire immune system and increases the body's defenses.

Whether water, tea, fruit juices, smoothies or coffee, our Zisano Aqua Vivas Chip is suitable for all liquids.

One advantage is that, in contrast to semiprecious stones, the effect of the Aqua Vivas Chip is never lost.

Application possibilities:

Drinking bottles, for example: Aqua Botelo (glass, ceramics, plastic), fruit bowls, water jugs (e.g. Aqua Bella Set), flower vases, smoothie shakers, watering cans, coffee machine water containers, kettles, teapots, wine decanters, aquariums, pet water bowls,


Technical specifications:

Diameter: 2.0 cm, height: 0.2 cm
Contents: 1 piece

Self-adhesive! Please press firmly against the container when attaching the chip (the packaging includes an alcohol swab to clean the surfaces)


1 cf. Water researcher Prof. Emoto from Japan

² cf. Prof. Dr. Mu Shik Jhon: Hexagonal Water, The Key to Health ISBN 978-3-9810318-1-2



Aqua Vivas chip for water harmonisation - to stick on

    • brings your water and liquid foods back to their natural order
    • Upgrades your drinking water and any other liquid within seconds
    • gives the water back its original information
    • regenerates "dead" water and brings it back to life
    • supports the absorption of nutrients and the elimination of pollutants and heavy metals
    • accelerates metabolic processes
    • strengthens the immune system

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